our mission

Who we are

Indivisible 97415 is not affiliated with any one political party, or national group.  It is nonpartisan, pro-social justice, pro-human rights, pro-environment, and represent different goals and areas of interest. The inclusive nature of the group brings different styles and opinions together.  Indivisible 97415 believes that for our democracy to thrive, we all must be educated participants. 

What we do

We're passionate about our community, so we're involved.   You'll find Indivisible 97415 members giving their time to kids who are struggling in school, to seniors who need a ride to medical appointments, as advocates for clean air and water, for better healthcare choices and more.  

Our Mission Statement

 We are as diverse as our Earth, seeking common ground as we educate, advocate and promote civil dialog about Human Rights, Social Justice and Environmental issues.  United, we are Indivisible.