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Our Mission

We are as diverse as our Earth, seeking common ground as we educate, advocate and promote civil dialog about Human Rights, Social Justice and Environmental issues. United, we are Indivisible  

How we got started

  Indivisible 97415 formed as a result of the stunningly successful January Women's March in Brookings. Most of us had never been involved in any sort of activism before and we were surprised and delighted at the turnout.  We are nonpartisan, pro-social justice, pro-human rights, pro-environment, and represent different goals and areas of interest. The inclusive nature of our group brings different styles and opinions together. Together we intend to have a positive impact, one person, one issue, one town at a time.  

What we do

  Indivisible 97415 is comprised of members with many different perspectives; we are not affiliated with any one political party, or national group. We do focus on being active citizens, seeing ourselves as wanting to be “part of the solution”. We especially believe that we should be locally active to contribute to the wonderful Brookings Community. For that reason, we were one of the largest participants in the recent “Brookings Beach Cleanup” sponsored by SOLVE Oregon and Oregon State Parks.  An over-arching attribute of our group’s thought process is that for a democracy to thrive, we all need to participate.

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